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Transformers Classics: Optimus Prime

A speed modeling and animation exercise using an Optimus Prime action figure as reference.

This version of Optimus Prime is from the Transformers Classics toy line released in 2009. The Mobile Command Base (Trailer) and the Rollout Drone (Roller) are fan-made limited edition toy accessories. I only have the action figure and used reference images for the trailer and for Roller.

I loved working on this model! Especially since Optimus is my favorite Autobot. It’s not 100% accurate though and I took liberties with the overall color scheme (particularly the Trailer and Roller) but I had to rush the development process to meet time limit I gave myself.

The animation is short, but I plan to extend it when I have time to fix the rigging and improve the textures.

The desert background is courtesy of Humblebeez.

See the original video!

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