Steam Summer Sale 2017 aftermath


From June 22 to July 5, Steam hosted the annual event that most PC Gamers, myself included, look forward to: The Steam Summer Sale.

look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?

This year, I got the Portal Bundle (includes Portal 1 and 2), the LucasArts Adventure Pack (which includes Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Loom, The Dig), and Streets of Rogue.

Portal is a fantastic first-person puzzle game. I already played Portal 1 and 2 before, but I’m keen on spending time with GLaDOS again and hopefully learn to create custom maps.

Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis is an old-school point and click adventure game. I have a weakness for games with great pixel graphics and storytelling. Getting the other games in the LucasArts bundle is a wonderful bonus.

Streets of Rogue is an Early-Access rogue-like game with lots of humor and charm. For an Early-Access game, it’s quite solid and playable. However, it can be pretty violent and deals with mature themes, so I wouldn’t recommend it for kids.

wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?

I also considered getting The Wolf Among Us and Tales from Borderlands but I’m hesitant to get them from Steam. Last year, Humble Bundle had a “Telltales” Bundle that offered these games and several others for $15. If I recall correctly, they also came with a Telltale key, which meant I didn’t have to run Steam to play them. I’m not a DRM purist, but if a game has a DRM-Free option for a difference of a few bucks, I lean towards that deal.

Incidentally, at the time of this writing, Humble Bundle is having an incredible Telltale sale which includes both TWAU and TFB. I’m so glad Steam didn’t completely destroy my gaming budget.

gadgets and gizmos a-plenty

I also spent a few cents on two Strange weapons for Team Fortress 2. I stopped playing TF2 about a year ago but I played it over the weekend to see what was new. I’m glad that TF2’s matchmaking has improved, but it’s just as addicting as ever; so I uninstalled it again. I’m sure I’ll play it again someday (especially if it has a Halloween update).

no big deal, i want more

The sticker collecting “game” also kept the event interesting for me. Like the previous sale, I was able to collect cards that I was able to sell on the Steam marketplace. I earned about two dollars from the cards; I’m saving that for my next purchase when the Steam Thanksgiving Sale arrives.

Overall, the 2017 Steam Summer Sale was nice, but I miss the insane discounts of the past Summer Sales that used to be part of my world.

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