Blossom - Twisted Fates Episode 2 - Kinetic Novel



A crabby witch must confront her dark debility when complications from her new home prevent her from starting her life-changing quest.


  • Developed for TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam 2017
  • A short, dark, funny, kinetic novel
  • Original artwork
  • Music: Winner Winner! Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Twisted Fates” is a series of dark fantasy/comedy short stories set in the same story world.

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  • This is the first game I developed using TyranoBuilder.
  • This was not my first idea for the game jam. I had to scrap my original entry because I felt the story wasn’t a strong match for the contest’s theme: “Fresh Starts”.
  • That other game project that I scrapped will become my next visual novel project.
  • Blossom’s braided crown hair style is a hint at her royal heritage.


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