Nobody Understands MIA - NaNoReNo 2017 Visual Novel



During a codebreaker exam, an aspiring but uncertain cryptographer discovers an odd event that opens the door to a conspiracy that involves a friend—the helpful (but stuck in the 80s) Artificial Intelligence, MIA.

This short game was made in a week. You can watch the gameplay video to get the whole story, but I would recommend playing it just the same. Enjoy!


  • the prologue to the Codebreaker stories
  • a cyberpunk atmosphere with a touch of the 80s
  • teaches the basic principles of “Shift/Caesar” cipher technique
  • a free and short Visual Novel made for NaNoReNo 2017

Download and Play for Free


  • MIA was inspired by hours of research listening and watching to 80s music videos. Her look is inspired by 80s pop stars like Madonna and Maria Vidal.
  • I like cyberpunk; the Codebreaker story is inspired by Eclipse Phase and Shadowrun.


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