Twisted Fates Episode 01 - RPG Maker VX Ace



After waking up in a strange game room, a brave but clueless soldier must play the games of the bizarre hosts or remain trapped forever. Download from


This game is a collection of three mini-games made as a submission for the RPG Maker March Madness Mini-Game Contest.

  • Cipher – A cleric gets garbled messages from spirits. You help her decipher what they are. The ciphering process is randomized with each attempt. If you watched “Gravity Falls”, you’ll probably like this.
  • Number Guess – A witch picks a number, and the hero has three chances to guess it right.
  • Cobweb-Heart-Light Bulb – It’s “Rock-Paper-Scissors”, but uses the default speech balloons of RPG Maker.

There are six secret achievements to discover.

The Twisted Fates series will be short-stories with a touch of dark fantasy and comedy.

Download and Play for Free (Windows only)



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